What if there was a way for you to turn the pain of betrayal into lasting peace-of-mind?

Would you want to step onto a path of healing that could radically transform your life for the better?

You know it’s time to heal, let go, and move on. To dive into those unknown, unhealed places that are holding you back. To receive loving one-on-one support. To make a transformational shift. Because what you’ve been doing hasn’t been working.

And you know you need help.

Healing the pain of betrayal is not easy. You’ll need a guide—a mentor who has been where you are and is where you want to be…at peace.

You’ll also need a roadmap—a set of tools and practices that are proven to facilitate lasting change.

You’ll also need to create a partnership with the Divine. And I’m here to guide through all of it. I’m here to help you get to the place of truly knowing the love, beauty and truth of who you really are.

I will support you in clearing the subconscious blocks that have been sabotaging your ability to heal.

I will hold the highest vision of who you are…until you can see it and own it for yourself.

And as you shift into the truth of who you are (desirable, worthy and lovable), you will find it easier and easier to let go, move on and stand up for your needs and wants.


What makes me the ideal person to support you?

First, I have decades of experience as a relationship expert.

Second, I have personal experience with the pain of betrayal and did the work to heal the deep pain of my own husband’s affair.

Lastly, I have a proven track record of success with clients and can show you how to turn this extraordinarily painful event—your partner’s cheating—into a catalyst for transformation.

So if you are:

1. Truly ready to transform

2. Willing to let go of the parts that no longer serve you

3. Financially sound and ready to fully commit to yourself

4. Yearning for a deeper connection with the spiritual aspect of yourself

Then private coaching with me may be for you.

If you’re ready to take the first powerful step, click here to schedule your complimentary discovery session with me. – Vickie

This is my former client, Samantha. She arrived at our first session scared, confused, and stuck in a cycle of flashbacks – images of her husband with his affair partners. More than once she held herself in a fetal position on my office floor, describing her husband’s betrayal and her feelings of unrelenting shame. Samantha worked tirelessly to release her limiting beliefs and negative self-judgments as she learned to love herself in a way she never had before.

“I left my ex-husband after a long-term marriage that was tainted with infidelity and all the destructive side effects. My three beautiful adult children were living on their own and I felt lost. Who was I? What was I going to do with my future? Will these ruminating thoughts about my marriage ever stop? Will I ever trust another man? Why do I still get triggered? These questions, along with others, led to my work with Vickie. The homework she gave me was unlike anything I’d done before. It was extremely practical and thought-provoking. For example, I had a plan of action in place to deal with my darkest days and for any unexpected encounter with my ex. Over the course of six months, Vickie helped me to see the multiple ways I had betrayed myself in the past. With her love, support and guidance, I feel so much stronger and clearer about myself and my future. My self-esteem has grown, and I now have a much better sense of what I want and don’t want in my life.”

- Rena K.

“Vickie walked into my life at exactly the right moment…and proved to be the most incredible catalyst the this next chapter of who I am. Her skill and gentle ability to really open up communication into the deeper self and our own patterns is powerful. The skills that I have learned and integrated have made a noticeable impact on my daily life, and because of this they have spilled forth into the rest of my existence.I have been told multiple times since beginning our work that I ‘fit in my skin better’ – what a thing to hear as I come into my own! All it takes is some gradual work and brilliant support and coaching to really blossom. I also have this experience to thank for how much more empowered I feel in my writing and pursuing my first ever published work.Vickie is a deeply intuitive soul who can help you transform your internal self-talk and the way you walk through the world. I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her.”

- Anika Severns

“I was in search of a mentor who could lead me out of survival mode, teach me how to let go of the feelings of panic, and heal the betrayal pain I was experiencing. Vickie was that mentor…and more. After coaching with her for only 3 months, I was able to face myself for the first time in my 39 years of my life.Vickie stands apart from the rest of the professionals, because she has personally experienced the pain and suffering of infidelity and was able to rise above her circumstance and reclaim her life.”

- H.H.
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