This is the book that my heart ached for in the weeks and months following the discovery of my husband’s affair. In these pages, I teach readers the combination of psychological, physical and spiritual tools that helped me end my suffering and turn a truly devastating event into profound healing and growth.

In the early stages of my recovery, all I hoped for was to get back the “me” I was prior to the affair. What I got after using this healing protocol was an even better “me” than I was before the affair.

Heal from the Affair presents a powerful system of change, based on a self-created plan of action steps, designed to permanently alter the way you relate to the affair, your partner and yourself

The majority of books about affairs focus on “saving your marriage” or “getting him/her back.” While these are worthy undertakings, that’s not the focus of Heal from the Affair. This book is about getting YOU back by turning resentment, fear, and pain into deep healing and authentic joy.

As I and the majority of my clients can testify: If you are ready,  this is the chance to turn your partner’s affair into the best thing that ever happened to you.


Vickie is the author of the book Buddha Never Raised Kids and Jesus Didn’t Drive Carpool: Seven Principles for Parenting With Soul and the 6-week program audio program Parenting That Works!: How to Get Kids to Listen and Cooperate.

“In this from-the-heart book, the founder of the Positive Parenting Network translates the sometimes lofty ideas of the world’s great spiritual teachings into seven practical and easy-to-understand principles that parents can apply to the everyday challenges of modern parenting.”


“Falcone’s easy writing style, her ability to list successes and some instances of not quite so successful add to the believability of her assertions. Parenting is hard work, Falcone herself a parent of two children has provided a valuable tool for parents in Buddha Never Raised Kids…. It is a must have for the home library of those who seek to improve their own lives.”


“I love this book. The main thing I got from it the first time I read it was my needs are important, and if I don’t meet them or find ways to get them met, I’ll “sneak” ways to do that, which makes me less available to my kids. And each time I’ve read it, I’ve gotten different things from it – the mark of a really great book for me. I recommend this book frequently to all the parents I know!”

- Amazon Customer

“I bought Vickie Falcone’s book “Buddha Never Raised Kids …” as a treat for myself and now I want to buy it for all my friends who are, or will be, parents of young children. It is beautifully written, warm, inclusive, and funny. This is not a book about religion, but about parenting with love, patience, respect, joy, and soul. Vickie takes the wisdom of religious/spiritual leaders throughout the ages and applies their words and thoughts to parenting. She includes her own high and low points as a mother of two, as well as a few fun exercises that help you get in touch with what your needs and goals are as a person and a parent. Whether it was advice that helped me get to that place I have wanted to be as a mother, or the pat on the back of reading things that I already believe in or practice, this book has had a profound effect on me. I can’t recommend it highly enough!”

- Amazon Customer