Nothing can prepare you for the feeling of complete devastation that comes after learning the one you loved, the one you let into your most intimate places, the one you built your life with (and in many cases, whose children you bore), has betrayed you. In the wake of discovering that your partner has cheated, you feel a swirl of emotions.

Do you feel shocked?

… deeply hurt?


…like your heart has been smashed into pieces?

Are you constantly asking yourself question like “Why?” “Why did he do this?” “Why didn’t I see the signs?” “Why me?”

If you are suffering from the fallout of his cheating (even if it’s been years), and you are ready to are in the right place.

No matter how stuck you feel right now, some part of you knows…it’s time to move beyond the pain, stop the blame game, let go of feeling like a victim, and take back your power.

If you bring the willingness, I will show you how to change these destructive patterns once and for all.

I’ll show you…

How to Turn His Cheating into the Best Thing That Ever Happened to You

I’ll show you how to not “just” survive his affair, but how to thrive.




I was happily married in a relationship that had been faithful for 18 years, and preparing for a 19 city speaking tour for my first book, when I found out about my husband’s affair. To say that I was blindsided by the news would be a huge understatement. I was completely and utterly devastated. I had never experienced depression in my life, and I found myself in bed 20+ hours a day. My husband and I almost never fought or raised our voices and now, I was lashing out with anger so powerful that it frightened me.



"Vickie, I found you at the lowest, deepest and darkest place in my life. That I found you is a miracle and a gift from the Universe. Your teachings have helped me to restore my self-esteem and self-confidence. I have changed from a meek and timid broken wife to a strong and courageous woman. I have found an inner strength that didn’t exist before the affair.  I am healthier mentally because of your teachings. I truly appreciate your wisdom and guidance.... I am starting to see the light. I am starting to see that there is a future beyond, and that I will SURVIVE."

- Michele M., Los Angeles, CA


Samantha's Story



Recovering from the effects of betrayal is not easy to do, but absolutely possible. With the support of a healing road map, a trusted guide, and a spiritual perspective, you can learn the specific action steps that turn resentments, fear, and pain into deep healing and authentic joy.

The majority of books and programs about affairs focus on “saving your marriage” or “getting him/her back.” While this may be a worthy undertaking that’s not the focus of Heal from the Affair.

This program is about getting YOU back.

And more than just getting YOU back, it’s about getting you to a place that is better than you’ve ever been before. Stronger , sexier, sassier and more fully alive.

Whether we want to save or relationship or not, our best move is to save ourselves first. We have the best chance at saving our relationship when we are healed and whole. We are much more empowered (not to mention attractive) when we have “done the work” of learning, growing and healing past wounds. From this more healed place, we have the clarity we need to make the decision that weighs heavily on betrayed partners, Should I stay or should I go? If, as I was, you are left to pick up the pieces of your life alone, this program will not only help you heal; it will help you discover a you that is even better than before his affair.

The opportunity afforded to us in the wake of such a devastating event is nothing less than complete transformation.  After the affair, we have an important choice to make. We can shrink back into deeper levels of despair, or choose to do the work to step forward. We can fully recover from the heartbreak of an affair and move on to create a new life—with or without our partner.

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This downloadable ebook is filled with practical tools you can start using immediately to help you transform suffering into serenity, and begin your healing journey.


I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being.” – Hafiz